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    R&D Center

    More than 40 professional engineers and technicians work in Lanzhou Foci’s New Product R&D Center.  The 1200m2 Center houses advanced scientific research instruments and equipment in its laboratories, and has the technology and ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative component analysis of prepared and raw materials.  The Center also contains a smaller-scale, experimental production workshop to bridge the theoretical aspects of research with the practical aspects of product manufacturing.

    The New product R&D center is mainly engaged in developing new products, re-developing existing products, and developing higher drug standards. It is also charged with protecting the intellectual property rights of new medicinal drug products and related work.  More than 10 new medicines with sole, independent intellectual property rights such as “Long Ma Lu Wei Yao”, “Hua Bai Capsules”, “Fu Fang Guan Zhong Aspirin Tablets”, “Su Gan Xiao Ji Pills”, “Zu Ye Jiao Tablets ”, and “Ding Xuan Pills ”, have been successfully researched and produced on a large scale.   

    Besides researching innovative medicinal drugs the Center also tracks technological developments in the pharmaceutical field and conducts market-driven product research. The Center has cooperated widely in developing projects alongside scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, hospitals and with distinguished doctors. Given the mandate to improve drug innovation and modernize traditional Chinese medicine, the Center researched and developed quality standards for twenty Chinese herb extracts on behalf of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.  The Center also completed a study on the large-scale cultivation of Chinese Angelica root, Codonopsis root and Astragalus root, which helped bring about the large-scale, standardized and scientific cultivation of the three herbs in Gansu Province.

    With technological and scientific advancement driving its progress, the Center plans on adding more research personnel to strengthen independent innovation in research and development.  The Center will continue to engage colleges and universities in its goals to make use of new technologies to develop new therapeutic drugs, biochemical medicines, and traditional Chinese medicine.  These efforts further the core competitiveness of Lanzhou Foci by allowing growth and production to be driven and supported by research and development.

    Address:2289,Huashan Road,New District,Lanzhou,Gansu
    Tel: 0931-8362889 marketing Tel: 0931-8362889 postal code: 730300
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